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Day 1: The end of heart disease

January 29, 2019

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “The End of Heart Disease” quite literally saved my life. This book may not be for everyone, as it’s pretty dense on nutritional research studies, but it was for this reason that I really bought into his advice and adopted a nutritarian diet. It was really helpful for me to see the direct connection between the choices I was making and health outcomes. After reading this book, and several others, I began doing nutritional research on my own. I found that I really like finding which foods are shown to be health promoting and sharing that information with friends and family.

With that I introduce you to this blog: Green Science Diet. My goal is to turn science into actionable and sustainable eating habits. In a matter of months I went from eating mostly pizza and fried chicken to a 90% whole food, plant based diet! I want to share with you my learnings about food, nutrition, and how to be the healthiest you can be.

Green Science Diet

Green Science Diet
Bringing green into your diet through science.